Which Element are YOU?

The best way to evaluate your personality traits, is to have an Astrological Energy Birth Chart / Natal Chart. I have added a brief summary of the Earth, Fire, Water or Air sign. STAR SIGN: FIRE Leo is a Fixed SignAries is a Cardinal SignSagittarius is a Mutable Sign PERSONALITY TRAIT TempermentalEnthusiasticPassionateInner StrengthSpiritualityKnowledgeProtectiveCreativityAchiever STAR SIGN: … Continue reading Which Element are YOU?

Unique Vibes: What is Aromatherapy?

Unique Vibes: Every Wednesday! Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine which is widely known as complimentary therapy. The scented essential oils are natural plant extracts that are finely blended as it transcends an aromatic and holistic healing experience for physical well-being, mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy promotes calmness and stillness as it alleviates strong emotions to … Continue reading Unique Vibes: What is Aromatherapy?